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Top Tips For Choosing A Qualified Plumber


It is important to look for the right areas when choosing a qualified plumber to ensure the best one is picked. From qualification level to past reviews, there are many aspects of a plumber people should research before hiring them. This is to ensure the right plumber works on the job and to prevent problems and conflict in the future. Here at The Local Plumber, our Emergency Plumbers are certified professionals who will trustworthy complete any plumbing task for Melbourne locals. 

What to look out for when choosing a qualified plumber are:

  • Well established company or plumber
  • Have all the needed qualifications and licensing 
  • Has plumbing insurance
  • Provides services guarantees
  • Offers 24 hour plumbing support
  • Provides clear charges, fees and costs
  • Is local to the area
  • Has a professional business presence 
  • Offers professional customer service
  • Check over the reviews of the plumber or plumbing company

What are Some Tips for Choosing a Qualified Plumber?

Here are the best tips on what to look for when choosing a qualified plumber:

Well Established

When a plumber or a plumbing company has been in service for some time then this will likely mean that they have had a good career and are reliable. People have had good experiences with them which is why they continue to provide services for so many years.

Licensed and Qualified

It is extremely important to hire a plumber that is qualified and has all the needed licensing. This is because it means that they are legally allowed to work but also a person who knows what they are doing. If a plumber is licensed and qualified while has completed all the needed training then they will likely understand how to perform the task properly. 


Plumbers are required to have public liability insurance in order to have a license to make sure if they accidentally damage the home or property then the person is covered. If the plumber does not have any insurance on them then this means that they are less likely to be reliable.

Services Guarantees

Checking to see if the plumber has service guarantees or warranties means that if there are future problems they will reliably repair the issues. This is useful in case there is an issue so the plumber will reliably come back to ensure it is resolved without any hassle.

24 Hour Plumbers

24 hour plumbing services are not necessarily needed but are useful in an emergency situation. Plumbers who provide 24/7 support will arrive at the property whenever there is a problem with the plumbing system. For instance, a burst pipe occurring late at night can be fixed quickly because the plumber will be able to arrive then and not in the morning. 

Clear Charging Rates

When a plumber provides their call out fees, labour rates and all other costs associated with the service clearly then knowing how much they will cost is easy. If plumbers do not provide this information when contacting them then at the end of the service the cost may be larger due to the original cost not including other factors.


Local plumbers to the area will know the community but also any local plumbing systems and problems. On top of knowing the plumbing infrastructure and issues the plumber will be quicker to arrive due to living and working close by.

Professional Business

When plumbers present themselves as professionals, such as proper website, vehicle signage, uniforms and more then this conveys a strong passion and commitment to ensuring their work is professional. This means that the plumbers are more likely to take their job seriously and provide quality services.

Professional Customer Support

On top of presenting themselves as professional, when the plumber’s customer support is professional then this also means they are dedicated to their job. This can include how easy it is to speak to someone in the company or the plumber and if they can answer questions reliably.

Good Reviews

An important aspect of choosing a qualified plumber is to look at the reviews of them or the company. If they have a higher star rating and many positive comments then this indicates that they are reliable. If there are many dissatisfied people then questioning the plumber on why these happened or finding a new plumber can occur. 

If you are curious to know if becoming a plumber in Melbourne is a good job choice then we recommend reading our blog article with more information.

Trusted and Qualified Plumbers for Melbourne

At The Local Plumber, we offer Melbourne locals certified plumbers who are available to work at any time of the day. We have the experience to perform a wide range of plumbing tasks and know the best techniques to complete it on time. Our plumbers utilise the best tools and methods for each service and always make sure we perform the service safely. 

We offer reliable Blocked Drain services as well where we will completely remove blockages from any drain in all suburbs, including Inner Melbourne and West Melbourne. For on time and qualified plumbers – contact The Local Plumber at any time!

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