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Top Household Plumbing Mistakes & How To Avoid Them?

It is tempting to DIY every installation and repair involving plumbing appliances and systems. With the inconvenience brought about by plumbing problems, we understand why property owners usually rely on do-it-yourself fixes. However, these solutions are usually temporary and at times poorly done. Due to its quality, it could result in homeowners and businesses dealing with the problem again.Our emergency plumbers at The Local Plumber are ready to extend a hand with household plumbing mistakes. We have spent over a decade serving homeowners across Melbourne with their plumbing service needs. We believe that years of experience and training are enough to provide the highest standard of service to all our fellow Melbourne locals.

Common Household Plumbing Mistakes When DIY-ing Plumbing Issues

Some DIY fixes are easy to do. Most of them do not even require one to be trained in plumbing. However, this is where problems arise. Without a proper understanding of how things work, it may solve the problem for the time being but could create a deeper and more costly issue in the long run. The following are some of the most common household plumbing mistakes: 

  • Overtightening plumbing connections – A cracked pipe fitting is the usual result of overtightening plumbing connections. It is common malpractice among those who DIY their plumbing systems. Many may think that it could prevent the fittings from easily loosening. However, it could result in breaking the fixture and causing flooding.
  • Using inappropriate tapes or wrapping a thread tape backwards – Teflon tapes are the most recommended tapes when dealing with pipe fittings and other plumbing components. We recommend wrapping the fitting at least three times before wrapping it a final time with the end tape facing left to properly secure.
  • Using drain line cleaners – Commercial cleaning products are the first option for many homeowners when dealing with blocked kitchen sinks, blocked toilets and blocked shower drains. However, our 24 hour plumbing repair professionals recommend using a plumber’s snake tool or removing the drain P-trap when this happens. Using liquid cleaners can only add up to the issues already bogging down the drain. A great alternative is natural drain cleaners!
  • Failing to turn off the water supply – Shutting off the main water supply is the first order of business when installing or repairing any plumbing appliance or system. Leaving it running can only lead to flooding not only in the room but also throughout the property.

What Are The Most Common Household Plumbing Mistakes?

There’s a variety of household plumbing mistakes affecting residential properties. It ranges from the simplest to the most complex plumbing issue. All problems need immediate attention as leaving it unattended can lead to damaging consequences and costly repairs. 

The following are usual household plumbing mistakes faced by homeowners:

  • Leaky pipes – Leaking can happen to any part of a building. It can affect the showerhead, the faucet, the toilet and even the kitchen drain pipes. It is among those issues that need immediate attention. Leaving leaks unresolved for days can lead to higher water bills, damage to the insulation and wiring and structural material damage, among other consequences.
  • Blocked drains – Several factors contribute to this issue, with damaged pipes and improper use being the most common reasons. But this issue is not something rarely experienced in homes. Clogging is among those common DIY-ed by homeowners. We understand the need behind this. Blocked drains can cause significant inconvenience and, later on, damage. 
  • Hot water system issues – A water heater is a must in every household. It helps significantly during cold days or when you want to relax your body after a tiring day. However, it is also prone to breaking down, especially when not properly maintained. Leaking, sediment buildup and malfunctioning components are usual reasons for a malfunctioning hot water system.
  • Low water pressure – Water pressure issue is among those plumbing problems frequently dealt with by homeowners. While there are numerous reasons for this issue, a break in the main water line can reduce pressure. It could also be due to a leak and mineral deposit buildup.
  • Running toilet – Several problems affect how toilets work. However, no problem makes a homeowner’s headache more than a running toilet. While a toilet can still be used even with this issue, it constantly runs water which leads to wastage and higher water bills. 

Consequences Of Household Plumbing Mistakes

Homeowners must have a solid understanding of how plumbing systems work before successfully doing their own DIYs. For those who merely fixed to stop a leak or a clogging, it could result in a more complicated plumbing issue. These consequences are usually associated with mistakes made by homeowners when DIY-ing installations and repairs:

  • Blocked drains
  • Burst pipes
  • Costly repairs
  • Damaged insulation and wiring
  • Flooding

Choose the Top Emergency Plumber in Melbourne Today!

When time is of the essence, our emergency plumbing service professionals are available round-the-clock to help with household plumbing mistakes. No need to resort to DIY fixes. We are available round-the-clock and ready to extend a helping hand. Every installation and repair we deliver are also guaranteed to last for a long time. Each has the necessary experience and knowledge to help with common plumbing emergencies in residential properties.

All have met the requirements set by the Plumbing Regulations Act of 2018 and hold a licence from the Victorian Building Authority. We ensure that everyone has met these requirements as we believe that undergoing these helps them better understand the ins and outs of plumbing work. It also guarantees that every plumbing installation and repair we deliver complies with local, state and national laws and regulations. For over a decade, our team has been offering homeowners and businesses services like hot water system installation and repair, leaking shower repair and gas fitting.

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