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The Best Blocked Drain Cleaning Tools

The Best Blocked Drain Cleaning Tools the local plumber

Clogging always seems to occur at the most unexpected of times. While some blocked drains present with early signs, other blockages are more subtle in nature. However, the good news is  there are several do-it-yourself solutions available to help diagnose and potentially even fix the issue at hand. Even untrained individuals can carry out these DIY fixes without a sweat. Most also use readily available materials found at home and in commercial spaces. For more serious blocked drains, it is always advised to contact a specialized blocked drain plumber

What Are The Best Blocked Drain Cleaning Tools To Use?

Sometimes the best cleaning tools are those found at home. It also applies when trying to remove objects causing a blockage. With the threat of damaging consequences and costly repairs,our  blocked drain specialists recommend resolving this issue as soon as possible. The following tools are among the best in relieving clogging in drains:

  • A home brew – The combination of hot water, baking soda and vinegar usually remove whatever is stuck down the drain. All it takes is to pour the homebrew into a drain to relieve it of clogging. In some cases, a special caustic drain-clearing solution significantly helps in removing the stuck object.
  • A plunger – The plunger has proven its might in removing clogging in any drain. Unclogging the drain only takes a bit of elbow grease and a strong seal to clear whatever is causing the blockage.
  • Drain snake – While this is the mini version of the plumber’s snake tool, the wire coil auger is still as effective as its regular version in battling blocked drains. We recommend using this tool for clogging where it is impossible to visualise what is causing it.
  • Rubber gloves – In some cases, your hands are the best tool to remove the cause behind the clogging. Rubber gloves provide protection when the only way to remove the blockage is by scooping it out the drain.

Tools Used by Blocked Drain Plumbers in Removing Blockages

When clogged drains are difficult to clean, they may require the services of an experienced plumber. Experts plumbers make use of the following tools to remove blockages daily:

  • CCTV drain cameras – While it is possible to clean clogged drains without knowing which is causing it, it could take time and does not promise a long-lasting solution. A CCTV drain inspection helps best in this situation. This method uses a small camera to locate and identify a blockage deep down the drain, which is all done without excavation and damaging the existing pipe network.
  • Jet blasting – Some clogged drains require a full-power jet blasting to remove debris stuck inside the drain pipes. As it uses high pressurised water, the use of a hydro jet should only be entrusted to the hands of a professional. Having untrained personnel do it increases the chance of pipe damage.
  • Pipe relining – Clogging may also present with deeply hidden debris that may be impossible to remove, even with the use of special tools. In cases like this, pipe relining offers the best resolution. This new method of pipe repair uses custom epoxy moulds and resin and does not require digging to create trenches.
  • Plumber’s snake tool – This for-professionals-only wire coil auger comes with a powerful motor capable of removing even the toughest objects stuck in drains. This plumbing tool also comes in different models, including those designed for sewer lines, toilets and other drains and pipes. 

How Can I Unblock My Drains Myself?

While it is most recommended to hand the repair to an experienced blocked drain repair team, homeowners can relieve clogging themselves. Most DIY fixes are easy to do and use products commonly found at home. The following fixes are some of the tried-and-tested solutions for unclogging drains:

  • Baking soda, vinegar and other ingredients – Most condiments and ingredients found in the kitchen are effective in removing any factor causing a clogged drain. The mixture of baking soda and vinegar has been the go-to DIY fix for most property owners when they find themselves with a blocked drain. However, there are other great pairings that you can choose from your pantry:
    • Baking soda and salt – This combination requires pouring equal parts of both into the drain. It should be left alone for 20 to 30 minutes and then followed by hot water.
    • Vinegar, salt and lemon – This home remedy is composed of equal parts salt and vinegar, as well as half part of lemon juice. Next, pour the mixture into the drain and let it sit down for 20 to 30 minutes. It is recommended to follow it up with hot water.
    • Salt and hot water – Pouring at least half a cup of salt and then hot water best relieves clogging with this method. Following it up with more hot water is recommended 20 to 30 minutes after the first pouring of hot water.
  • Clothes hanger – Perhaps, your mum has done it in the past or you’ve seen it on the telly. A clothes hanger is a valuable tool in clearing clogs in drains and pipes. All that needs to be done is to straighten out a hanger and create a little hook on the end. With this hook, the easier it is to remove stuck objects down the drain or pipes. However, please dont drop it as it will lead to another rabbit hole of problems!
  • Wet and dry vacuum – Properties with access to a wet and dry vacuum have the best equipment to unclog drains or pipes. This method requires the vacuum to be set to “WET” to create a tight seal between the clogged drain and the vacuum arm. The vacuum will do all the work to suck whatever factor is causing the blockage.

We have also recently released an article on the different damages that blocked drains can cause if you wish to learn more.

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