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Plumber Quotes – What You Need To Know!

Plumber Quotes - What You Need To Know-the-local-plumber-melbourne

Understanding exactly what is on your plumbing  quote is essential in ensuring you are getting the best value for money. A professional and transparent plumbing company will provide you with an in depth quote that breaks down the individual repairs and highlights the exact costs and conditions. Based on our experience in providing 1000s of quotes to our fellow Melbournian locals, we have decided to write this blog to highlight important considerations you should keep note of when reviewing quotations for plumbing works.

Important Items Within A Melbourne Plumber Quote

It is easy to get overwhelmed when looking for a local Melbourne plumber. There are 100s of online promises ,word of mouth recommendations and catchy marketing headlines. As previously mentioned, a plumber’s quote helps property owners get a big picture of the plumbing installation or repair they need. But a plumber’s quote is nothing when it does not provide the necessary information to the homeowner or business. To help navigate you through the noise, we have listed the most important considerations that should be listed on every plumbing quote. If more than one of these items is missing, then it is sure to raise some eyebrows.

  • Invoice Number, Date & Job number
  • Company Details: This section should clearly identify the company’s name (and if it is trading under a different name, which a lot of companies do), an ABN and licence number. You can search to see if a plumber is licensed through the Victorian Building Association’s practitioner lookup. Our licence number at The Local Plumber Melbourne is 122130
  • Customer Information: A professional quote should include your name, contact number, email and billing address
  • A Detailed Job Description & Final Costs – Installations and repairs can take time and and resources. Any reputable company will include an itemised job description section which breaks down all costs and includes any coupons and after hours work. This section should also clearly state GST as most companies will be registered for GST. 
  • Timeframe – Emergency plumbing service providers must also give an accurate timeline for a project. It allows the property owner to prepare the premises and plan on how to go on with their lives as the work is in progress. 
  • Customer Signature: Any quote will require your acceptance, hence there will be an area where you will be expected to sign. A quote that is not signed can be void. 
  • Payment Method: The plumber you are receiving the quote from will list all of their accepted and preferred payment methods and give a notice of how long the quote is valid for. 
  • T&C’s: For every tradesman’s quote, there should be a transparent terms and conditions section which details all conditions regarding warranty, insurance, local standards and any other relevant government regulation.

How Much Do Plumbers Charge Per Hour in Melbourne?

On average, an experienced and qualified plumber charges between $80 to $200 per hour for their services. However, this can vary significantly depending on the following factors. 

  • Location – It is the biggest factor that influences how much a plumber can charge by the hour. In New South Wales, plumbers may charge a higher hourly rate compared to other places in the country
  • Experience and qualifications – When choosing a plumber, it is best to hire someone who has extensive experience and training in handling all plumbing appliances and systems. A Master Plumber or a highly certified emergency plumbing service professional may charge more but their services guarantee that every component is well-installed and backed by the best warranties
  • Specialised Repairs   – More specialised repairs will understandably cost more than general residential repairs. For example, you should expect an emergency plumber to charge more if they are replacing a sewer line or handling commercial plumbing repairs.

Public Holidays  / After Hours Work  – Like any industry, after hours and public holiday work will have a large impact on hourly rates. 

When To Ask For A Plumber’s Quote?

It is best to ask for a plumbing quote for every major installation, maintenance and repair needed at home or in a commercial establishment. Although some repairs can go down a DIY route, it is best to leave the more complicated ones to a professional. A plumber’s quote is a requirement in, but not limited, to the following plumbing services:

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