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Outdoor Shower Installation – What You Need To Know!


An outdoor shower installation involves many considerations to ensure that the shower works properly and looks right. From knowing about the whole plumbing to ensuring that there is enough privacy, a shower that is being installed outside will need planning to make sure everything runs smoothly. A plumber should always be involved in the outdoor shower installation to prevent faults from happening and to guarantee everything works perfectly. Here at The Local Plumber Melbourne our Emergency Plumber team are experts with shower plumbing where we will work with repairing and installing outdoor showers anywhere in Melbourne.

The key considerations with an outdoor shower installation are:

  • Plumbing – installed by a plumber, follows local council regulations and there is proper drainage
  • Materials – anti-corroding and mould-growing fittings, withstand natural elements and a drain cover is installed
  • Privacy and Comfort – within an area that offers coverage, an additional wall or vegetation adding privacy and also add-ons, such as seats and hooks, for comfort
  • Environment – all the water enters the environment safely, using responsible soaps and installing extra drainage or septic tanks to help with the wastewater.

Outdoor Shower Installation Considerations

Below is a guide on the main factors to consider when it comes to an outdoor shower installation:

Outdoor Shower Plumbing

The plumbing of an outdoor shower needs to be thought out before any of the installation can occur. The average amount for outdoor shower plumbing is approx $1500 but this price can vary greatly depending on different factors. For example, the closer the shower is to the home will mean that it becomes easier to install the plumbing for the outdoor shower. This is why the outdoor shower is often placed on the side of the house because it makes it much easier to connect the shower to the existing cold and hot water lines of the home.

The drainage of the shower is also important to consider. The outdoor shower will need a drain that operates properly otherwise the area will flood easily. Checking with the local council standards will help in knowing the drainage requirements of an outdoor shower. Sometimes the drainage of the shower will require digging for a proper drain system and sometimes the water can simply run off into the garden. 

It is also strongly recommended to install a drain cover over the shower drain to prevent larger debris from entering the drain. Since the shower is outside it is more likely that the drain will have items and debris enter it, such as grass, dirt and rocks. The drain cover will prevent any items from entering it when the shower is not in use which is important in preventing a Blocked Drain. 

Outdoor Shower Plumbing Materials

The fittings that are installed in the outdoor shower should be stainless steel while it is important that the area of the shower has good air circulation and sunlight to help prevent rust and mould. The fittings should also be powder coated, stainless or have chrome on the outside to help prevent these while they look great in black, bronze or copper. The outdoor shower fittings and area should complement the home and landscaping but also be safe.

Privacy and Comfort

To help with privacy the shower should be in a spot that is hidden or has limited visibility. Building a solid enclosure can help as well as walls that reach a certain height, including slatted wood screens or reed walls. Other ways to help with privacy of the outdoor shower is to install vegetation that act as a wall. It is important that the vegetation does not mind moisture but also vegetation is an easy way to help with privacy and looks great. It is also recommended to add shelves to help with storage, benches to allow people to sit and also a hook or alike so the towel can be hung up. 

Shower Environment

It is also important to consider the environment and the home’s landscaping before an outdoor shower installation. Large amounts of water will runoff into the landscaping so proper planning to prevent or limit this is important. It is also crucial that environmentally friendly or natural soaps are used outdoors to help protect the environment. With this, making sure that a professional plumber installs the drainage is needed while adding in a septic tank to help protect the landscaping is encouraged. 

Reliable Outdoor Shower Installation Services Melbourne

The Local Plumber offers our fellow Melbourne locals the best outdoor shower installation services. Our fully qualified plumbers are able to perform outdoor shower installations within any property and ensure that the whole process is planned properly. We make sure that the shower complies with local standards and regulations and that the plumbing and fixtures are installed perfectly. We offer our shower repairs and installations to all of Melbourne, always trust The Local Plumber!

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