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Is Melbourne Tap Water Drinkable?


When it comes to safe and quality drinking water Melbourne tap water is amongst the best in the world. The water that comes out of the tap in Melbourne homes is from natural catchments which are already clean but further refining is done to guarantee the water quality is perfect. Melbourne tap water is also one of the best tasting waters in the world while being soft and clean. Here at The Local Plumber, our Emergency Plumber team is here to install tap water systems and perform any other plumbing service. 

Melbourne tap water is drinkable and is amongst the best quality in the world. It is safe to drink, has a good taste and the water is sourced from natural, protected catchments. The water from these catchments is treated further to remove all bacteria, ensure pH levels are correct, have the water be soft and be of top aesthetic and tasting value.

Can I Drink Melbourne Tap Water?

Melbourne tap water is amongst the best in the world in terms of its taste, quality and how safe it is. Melbourne gathers its water through protected catchments, including up within the Yarra Ranges where the native forests work as a natural filter for the water. The water is only disinfected within any Melbourne water. The ranges have a sponge-like soil that holds the rainwater and then slowly releases it into the water reservoirs. This means that catchments have limited public access and the treatment to clean them is only little.

The water that stays within the reservoirs will be in there for up to five years allowing them to effectively remove any impurities that are in the water as they break down. Even though the water in these reservoirs is naturally clean additional treatment will be done to ensure that the strictly drinking water will follow all the quality guidelines. These protected catchments will be disinfected by either small amounts of chlorine added, membrane filtration or UV irradiation treatments. A small amount of fluoride will be added to the water as well to help with teeth health which is still safe to drink. 

How is Melbourne Tap Water Tested?

Melbourne tap water is tested strictly to ensure that the water is safe to drink when it reaches people’s homes and properties. The health of the public is of top property which is why a large amount of effort is placed into ensuring that the water is safe to drink. Each year the Melbourne water authorities will test over 160 sites to collect samples of the water. This means that over 3000 microbiological and 800 chemical and physical samples are taken from these sites and tested to guarantee the water is safe to drink. 

Below are the different factors tested to make sure that the Melbourne tap water is of the best quality:

  • Mineral content
  • Water hardness
  • pH levels
  • Fluoride and chlorine concentrations
  • Bacteria and any other contaminants
  • Radiological quality

It is also important that the Melbourne tap water is of aesthetic standards which is why the water is also tested for its:

  • Taste
  • Colour
  • Smell
  • Clarity
  • Mouthfeel 

Chlorine in Melbourne tap water

There are small amounts of chlorine within the tap water that is added to the open catchments to help with disinfecting the water. The chlorine added is extremely small, of one litre of water only 0.0001% of it will be chlorine. It is added as it will help strengthen teeth health but it is also important in preventing any bacteria which could cause diseases to develop in the water.

Melbourne Water Hardness

Water hardness is also tested and it is a measure of the dissolved minerals in water where a higher amount and concentration of minerals will mean that the water is harder. Hard water does not make you sick but it will make everyday tasks a bit more difficult. This is why the tap water in Melbourne is low in hardness and is often soft.

Expert Tap Repairs and Installations

The Local Plumber is here with licensed Melbourne plumbers to work with tap plumbing and fixtures to ensure the property has access to the top quality Melbourne tap water. Our fully qualified plumbers will resolve any tap problem through our tap repair services, including noisy taps or pipe leaks. We are also ready to perform tap maintenance and installations within any place, helping to replace and install new tap systems as well. Our Blocked Drain services are here for Melbourne locals additionally, including North Melbourne and East Melbourne. For the best tap repairs and installations – always rely on The Local Plumber!

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