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How To Repair A Burst Pipe?


To repair a burst pipe it involves using the right tools and techniques to ensure the water stops bursting out of the pipe. When a burst pipe is identified it is crucial that it is repaired and handled as soon as possible to prevent major water damage and costs. A plumber should be contacted immediately but there are methods an untrained plumber can do to repair the burst pipe. Here at The Local Plumber, our expert Emergency Plumber team is here to arrive fast to repair a burst pipe in all parts of Melbourne. 

The main methods to repair a burst pipe are:

  • Using a clamp and sleeve
  • Applying a slip coupling for copper pipes
  • Soldering a new section of the pipe

How Do I Repair a Burst Pipe?

Follow these steps to properly repair a burst pipe:

1. Turn Off the Water Supply

Find the water shutoff valve and make sure to turn off the water to ensure that no more water bursts out of the pipe. If the water has made contact or is near any electrical system, ensure to turn off the electricity to prevent electrical fires, shocks and other dangers. 

2. Contact a Local Plumber

Ensure to contact an emergency plumber if you do not plan to resolve the burst pipe on your own. It is highly recommended though that an emergency plumber is contacted in most cases as they will be more effective at stopping and repairing the burst pipe. While waiting for the plumber there are certain actions to take, including:

  • Remove any water from the burst pipe using mops, buckets and alike to ensure the area is not slippery and no items become mouldy
  • Open all the windows and doors of the area where the pipe has burst to ventilate the room and help prevent mould from growing
  • If possible warm up cold rooms and use a blow dryer to dry any items that are wet from the burst pipe

3. Clamp and Sleeve Method

  1. A clamp and sleeve method can temporarily fix a burst pipe and this repair kit can be bought from most hardware stores. Make sure that the water supply to the pipe that is being repaired has been turned off and smoothen the rough areas of the damaged pipe by using a metallic file
  2. Place the rubber sleeve over the place where the burst occurred and have the seam of the clamp face the opposite direction of the hole or damaged section when it is over the pipe
  3. Have the metallic clamps placed over the rubber sleeve
  4. Tighten the clamp using a screwdriver at its screws and then open the water supply to the pipe. Look for any leaks and if there are some repeat the process to ensure there is no water leaks. It is important that a plumber properly repairs the damaged section of the pipe or replaces it.

4. Slip Coupling Method

  1. Using the slip coupling method offers a longer lasting solution but it is not permanent and a plumber will still need to properly repair the burst pipe. Start by finding a coupling with compression capabilities or a copper tube slip coupling. The tubing’s interior diameter will need to be equal to the pipe’s exterior diameter
  2. Turn off the water supply to the burst pipe area and mark the affected section of the pipe that will need to be replaced
  3. Tighten the cutter slightly on the area with the marked cutting line and cut a ring-shaped line. The line should be straight and not in a spiral shape. Ensure that when the cutter is rotated that you tighten it more with each rotation. Stop when the copper pipe snaps and repeat this with the other marked section
  4. Smoothen any rough edges using the triangle-shaped blade of the cutter
  5. With the nuts and compression rings that came with the coupling, slip them onto the pipe and then slip on the coupling on the end of the pipe
  6. Slide the slip coupling further along the pipe and then onto the other end and ensure the coupling is centered with the repair section. Using pliers tighten the compression nuts and stabilise the coupling with an adjustable pipe wrench

5. Soldering

  1. If comfortable soldering a burst pipe is an option. Ensure that the water supply to this pipe is turned off and then cut out the damaged section of the pipe. 
  2. Slide on the replacement pipe and ensure that it goes over the existing pipe on both sides by a couple of centimeters
  3. Carefully use the soldering tool and hold the tip of the flame on the joints with the solder wire. Once the solder has melted then test to see if the pipe is soldered

Reliable Emergency Burst Pipe Services

The Local Plumber is here to provide fully qualified emergency plumber services to repair a burst pipe. Our team is experienced at correctly repairing a pipe if it has burst or replacing it if it is too broken. We know how to carefully identify where the pipe has burst then apply the best techniques to resolve the problem. Offering South Melbourne, North Melbourne and all other areas with reliable emergency plumber and Blocked Drain services – trust The Local Plumber when needing a professional to repair a burst pipe!

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