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How Deep Are Stormwater Systems In Melbourne?


Within Melbourne, the stormwater systems have a maximum depth of 1000mm and a minimum of 600mm from the surface. Stormwater drains are used to divert water from storms away from properties to prevent flooding. Ensuring that they are built according to Melbourne Water standards is important when planning where to install stormwater drainage. Here at The Local Plumber, our Emergency Plumber team will install stormwater systems across all of Melbourne.

Stormwater systems in Melbourne are required to be from the surface a minimum of 600mm and 1000mm. There needs to be a 600mm clearance zone around the pipes where no structure can be installed including footings. A licensed plumber will be the professional who carries out the stormwater system installation process.

What are Stormwater Systems?

Stormwater drains and systems are designed to divert water from storms away from properties and to other places. The collection area, for instance, the house, has specific drains, pipes and systems designed to catch and transport the water to a discharge point, such as oceans, lakes or rivers. Most of the water is diverted out of the property within the shortest time possible. 

The classic methods of clearing stormwater from properties are highly effective but a Blocked Drain is the most common issue decreasing the efficiency of these systems. These parts include gutters, downspouts, pits, grates, openings and pipe networks. When they collect water they travel it to the main section where from there the stormwater pipes move the water away.

What are the Conditions with Stormwater Systems?

Within Melbourne there are specific rules and regulations with how stormwater pipes can be installed:

  • The access pit of the stormwater drain must have a clearance of a minimum of 600mm
  • There can be nothing that covers the stormwater access pit and the pit will need to be adjusted if there have been changes to the ground surface level
  • Any additional loads from footings cannot occur on a stormwater drainage asset
  • Footings will need to be installed with a minimum 600mm lateral offset away from the outside edge of the stormwater pipe asset
  • There is a minimum of 600mm vertical room above the stormwater pipes unless for special considerations
  • The maximum depth the stormwater pipes can be at is 1000mm and cannot exceed unless there are special considerations
  • Any plumbing excavation work cannot be done below or under the supporting angle of the pipes to prevent them from collapsing

When it comes to the design of the stormwater drainage system there are many considerations, some being:

  • How can the system slow the water in areas to prevent other parts and areas from flooding or from eroding
  • Where can retaining some water for gardening purposes be done and be used as a natural filtration system
  • How can these systems be prevented from experiencing blockages or are there actions homeowners can take to help prevent clogs
  • Checking the local council regulations will be important to make sure that the stormwater system is designed correctly
  • The soil type needs to be checked as this will affect the way the pipes are installed and if they can be. Sandy soils are better for infiltration while clay soils will become waterlogged more likely
  • Checking the soil depth will be needed to ensure that the pipes are able to be installed at the correct depth. If there is any impervious rock, such as limestone, granite or shale, this might make the soil shallow and influence the build
  • Knowing the depth of groundwater will help in knowing how effective the infiltration system will be at removing water
  • Understanding the geography of the area, such as any slopes, is important for the placement and effectiveness of the stormwater system

Reliable Stormwater System Plumbers

The Local Plumber offers trusted stormwater system services to the locals of Melbourne where we will install these systems. Our fully qualified plumbers understand how to properly design and install stormwater drainage systems in properties. All steps of the process are carried out safely and use expert techniques to ensure the stormwater pipes and drains are installed correctly. 

We offer our stormwater system services to all of Melbourne, including North Melbourne and West Melbourne. When needing qualified plumbers to work with stormwater systems – always rely on The Local Plumber!

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