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Emergency Plumbing In A Strata Property


Emergency plumbing in Strata properties means that multiple people at times can experience plumbing issues. The plumbing problem can be in an individual’s unit, affect numerous places or be in the common areas. Knowing who needs to organise the plumber to resolve the problem is also needed with Strata plumbing. Here at The Local Plumber our Melbourne plumber team are here to work in Strata properties on any kind of plumbing problem. 

Emergency plumbing in Strata properties needs a plumber to resolve the problems before the issue becomes worse. Depending on where the problem originated will mean either the unit owner or the Strata manager or alike will be responsible for ensuring it is resolved. When looking for a plumber to resolve Strata plumbing problems, such as water leaks, they should be qualified, transparent and professional.

Who is Responsible For Emergency Plumbing in Strata Properties?

When it comes to emergency plumbing in Strata the person responsible for any plumbing damages is often where the issue is at. The Strata insurance will cover any damages, such as floods and leaks, that happen within the building’s common areas. Most times the plumbing issues that happen outside of the internal walls of an individual’s property will need the building’s cooperation, owner or manager to contact a plumber to resolve the problem.

When issues occur within the internal walls of individuals’ property and in their areas then the unit owner is responsible for organising a plumber. For instance, a Blocked Drain within the individual’s place is a majority of the time due to them and they will need a plumber to resolve the problem. Leaks and other plumbing concerns that occur from their plumbing systems will mean they are responsible for repairing them. If there is a plumbing problem within the individual’s place but it is from poor maintenance or installation by the building owner or manager then they should be contacted as they will need to organise repairs. 

To know more about who is responsible for plumbing in Strata our blog provides more in-depth explanations and help.

What to do with Emergency Plumbing in Strata Properties?

What to do during an emergency plumbing Strata situation depends on where the plumbing problem is:

In an Individual’s Property

If the plumbing problem is within the internal walls of your unit and not within the Strata common areas then here are the steps to follow:

  1. Alert the Strata manager or similar position to alert them of the plumbing concern. This is to see if they will need to organise the repairs, if insurance covers these repairs or if the property owner or tenant is responsible for it.
  2. If the issue is due to an issue caused by the individual living in the place or from a system that is broken, such as a leaking tap or pipe, then contacting a plumber is needed

In the Strata Common Area

When the problem is not within your specific unit but within the common areas or Strata plumbing systems then here are the steps to follow:

  1. Contact the Strata manager or similar position to alert them of the issue and for them to be quick to organise repairs. 
  2. If there has been damage done to people’s places, such as water damage, then meetings will be taken place to organise repair costs, insurance covers and the like. 

What to Look For in a Strata Plumber?

When you need to look for a plumber to work in Strata plumbing then there are some important qualities to look out for. These will ensure that the right plumber works on the job and for everything to be done correctly. If a plumber works on the job and they are unqualified or not the best suited then the chance of problems occurring increases as the task was not completed properly. Here are the main qualities to look out for when searching for the best Strata plumber:

  • Emergency Plumber – a plumber that is available at any time of the day is a good idea for a Strata plumber. Since there are many people who live in one building there the chance of a plumbing issue happening increases. This is where an emergency plumber can be there to rely on at any time to ensure that the problem is resolved fast. 
  • Qualified – it is important that the plumber working on the job is licensed to operate with plumbing systems and with Strata complexes. This is for legal reasons but also to make certain that the person operating the plumbing job will complete the job correctly. Untrained plumbers will be more likely to complete the job incorrectly leaving more issues to arise. 
  • Transparent – a trusted plumber will be transparent with their prices, how they operate and what to expect when choosing them for the job. If a plumber is not clear with these then they may be hiding something. Transparent plumbers are more professional and serious about their job and aim to provide quality services. 
  • Professional – a professional plumber will be on time, utilise the best tools and techniques and always complete the job properly. Make sure that before hiring a plumber that they are known to be professional and provide top quality services.

Professional Strata Plumbing Services

The Local Plumber is here to resolve any emergency plumbing in Strata properties across Melbourne. We are available 24/7 through our emergency plumbing services and have the experience to resolve any problem or concern. Our team are here to work in all Strata places, including in Inner Melbourne, West Melbourne and East Melbourne. For reliable, on time and experienced Strata plumbers – contact The Local Plumber at any time!

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