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Can You Install Your Own Water Filtration System?


There are different types of water filtration systems to install in your home to help filter the drinking water. They can be connected to one tap or be applied to the whole house to filter the water. Some of the water filters can be installed by any person but some will require a licensed plumber. Here at The Local Plumber, our Emergency Plumber team are here to work with installing water filtration systems and performing other tap services.

Most under the sink water filtration systems can be installed by any person. A plumber will be able to install these more effectively but also but install any whole house water filters. It is recommended that a plumber performs the water filter installation due to them having the skills to have the system working perfectly after being installed correctly.

What are the Types of Water Filtration Systems?

Water filtration systems filter the drinking water of a property making it cleaner and safer to drink. Melbourne water is safe to drink but when places are more vulnerable to drinking contaminated, dirtier and unsafer water then the filtration system is a perfect way to keep the drinking water clean and safe. There are two main types of water filters:

  • Whole house filters – these are known as Point of Entry Filters and they will work on the main water supply line to filter the whole house water before it enters the property.
  • Singler filter – these are known as Point of Use filters and are mainly used for one sink, being located under the benchtop and will filter the water coming from that tap.

Different Types of Water Filters

Along with being either whole house or single filters there are different models and types of these with different functions and purposes:

  • Under the sink filter – these are installed under the sink and will provide filtered drinking water from that specific sink it is installed at. They are lower in cost, simpler to install and are effective at filtering the water at the sink it is connected or mounted to.
  • Reverse osmosis water system – these are under the sink and are the most effective at removing the contaminants from the water which is suited for those who are at high risk of drinking contaminated water.
  • Water softeners – when homes face hard water problems then a water softener will reduce or remove the elements that cause the water to be hard, such as manganese and calcium.
  • Benchtop filters – when there is little space under the sink for a filter or if someone is renting then a benchtop filter is a good alternative. They will most times be attached to the flick mixer using a simple diverter valve and can come in simple single filters up to reverse osmosis filters.
  • Fluoride removal filters – fluoride is added is small amounts to drinking water but if this is not wanted then this filter can be installed on one tap to remove the fluoride.
  • Whole house filters – these are situated at the point of entry for the water to the home so before it enters the plumbing the water will be filtered. This is mainly useful for places that are more susceptible to contaminated water supplies or for homes that rely on water tanks.
  • Ultraviolet water filters – these will be mainly used for rural properties where the only supply of water is from the rain collected from their rainwater tank, this filter will remove up to 99.9% of contaminants from the water.

How Much Does a Water Filtration System Cost?

The water filter system will cost differently depending on the type and model, below is a guide with the average costs:

  • Whole house filters range from $450 – $700 while the filter when it needs to be replaced every 6 to 12 months costs $150 – $220 and the plumbing work costs on average $250 – $400
  • Ultraviolet water filters cost from $1,800 – $2,000 while the installation on average costs $300 – $500 and the maintenance costs $350 – $470 per year
  • Single filters under the sink cost around $320 while the filter that needs to be replaced every 6 to 12 months costs $80
  • Reverse osmosis filters range from $500 – $900 with the plumbing averaging at $250 – $350 and the maintenance costs per year $200 – $300 

Do I Need a Plumber to Install a Water Filtration System?

For under the sink or extremely simple water filter systems any person with the right skill set can install them. This is due to them being smaller in size, working for one tap, are easier to install and there are instructions that come with the system. For home filtration systems a plumber is needed due to there being numerous systems and appliances involved. A plumber will perform the filtration system installation using professional techniques compared to if an untrained plumber installed it where problems would most likely occur.

Trusted and Efficient Plumbers Installing Water Filters

The Local Plumber is here to perform reliable water filtration system installations for Melbourne locals. Our fully qualified plumbers are experienced at installing any kind of water filter inside any property. From the most simple to the most expansive water filter systems, our plumbers will always utilise professional tools and techniques. We offer our water filtration system services to all of Melbourne, including North Melbourne and East Melbourne, as well as our Blocked Drain specialist work. For the best services regarding water filtration systems – trust The Local Plumber!

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