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Bathroom Renovation Plumbing – Everything You Need To Know!


A bathroom renovation plumbing is where part of or the whole bathroom is updated in its layout, fittings and materials. There are many steps involved in the renovation and the price range will be different depending on what will be done. It is important that licensed tradespeople perform the bathroom renovation to ensure everything is done correctly. Here at The Local Plumber our Emergency Plumber team are ready to help with the plumbing parts of a bathroom renovation.

Bathroom renovation plumbing involves planning, choosing the right tradespeople, removing and demolishing the old bathroom and installing the new bathroom. The average of a bathroom renovation costs $17,000 with budget renovations costing $5000 and high end renovations are more than $30,000.

What are the Steps of a Bathroom Renovation Plumbing?

Here are the main steps involved with a bathroom renovation plumbing:


It is important to plan out the budget, what are the goals of the renovation, the dates and who will perform the service. Is it important to know what is wanting to be renovated, such as only the tiles or fixtures being updated or if the whole bathroom will be renovated. If a whole layout renovation is being done then planning where everything will be located is important.

Planning the budget includes the fixtures, plumbing, tradespeople, demolition, waste disposal, waterproofing, lighting and electricals and tiling. It is also important to know the standards and regulations and plan with these in mind to prevent issues from developing in the future.

Choose the Tradespeople

Make sure to choose a fully qualified plumber and other certified tradespeople to perform the bathroom renovation plumbing. This is to ensure that the renovation is completed up to standards and that all systems will properly and safely operate. Make sure to request quotes from different tradespeople and look at their reviews and what they offer to ensure they are right for the job. The main tradespeople include certified plumbers, electricians, tilers, painters, builders and waterproofers.

Removing and Demolishing

When the plans are finalised and the team is made then the renovation will begin by removing any existing fixtures, parts and systems of the bathroom that are being renovated. This might mean only the fixtures or the whole bathroom will be demolished and removed. This will be done safely to prevent electrical and plumbing hazards from forming and all the waste will be disposed of correctly.

Rough In

This is where the plumbing and electrical parts are made or installed but not completely. This is to allow all measurements to be accurate and any relocation of pipes and alike can be done.  

Floor and Wall Finishes

The wall and floor finishes will be installed where the process often goes installing the plasterboard or cement sheets then the waterproofing, tiling, grouting and then finishing with the painting. 

Final Tasks

In the final stages of the bathroom renovation the fit off happens where all the electrical and plumbing fittings and appliances will be installed. This includes the shower, taps, toilet, mirrors, towel rails and other items. Once everything has been installed then cleaning the space will happen, including any dust or dirt that has been left behind after the renovation. Silicone or caulking will be done at this stage and all the styling to the bathroom will be completed. 

How Much Does a Bathroom Renovation Plumbing Cost?

The common price range of a bathroom renovation is from $10,000 to $30,000 while the average is around $17,000. The main factors that influence the overall cost of the bathroom renovation plumbing are:

  • Size of the bathroom – smaller bathrooms require less work compared to larger bathrooms meaning the renovation price will be influenced by how small or large the bathroom is
  • Materials and fittings – using the top of the range fittings and materials in the bathroom renovation will increase the price while budget ones will lower it, knowing what style and what the budget is will influence which ones will be installed
  • Labour costs – different tradespeople will charge different rates while the larger the job is means more people are needed leading to a higher labour cost

The general guide of how much different types of renovations is:

  • Budget or cosmetic renovations of a smaller bathroom using budget fittings and materials can cost between $5000 to $15,000
  • Average to mid-sized bathrooms that will install mid-range fittings and materials can cost between $15,000 – $30,000
  • Larger bathrooms or bathrooms that are high-end or luxury using top of the range fittings and materials can pay over $30,000

Expert Bathroom Renovation Plumbing Services

The Local Plumber is with with professional bathroom renovation plumbing services for the locals of Melborune. Our professional plumbers will help all kinds of bathroom renovations and performing all the needed tasks involved. Here for North Melbourne, East Melbourne and all other parts of Melborune, we are the most reliable when it comes to bathroom renovation work – contact The Local Plumber today!

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