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What Type Of Water Filter Is Best?

What Type Of Water Filter Is Best the local plumber melbourne

Ensuring access to clean, safe drinking water in your home all year around is essential for your family’s health and wellbeing. Despite living in Australia, where we have some of the safest and cleanest water quality in the world.  Every Australian city’s water supply still contains contaminants which can impact the quality of your water. This is why our local plumbers here at The Local Plumber Melbourne recommend the usage of a water filtration system. However with so many options available, choosing the right one can be confusing . Our local plumbing team have compiled this guide to help explore and “de-mystify” the different types of water filters available for residential usage.

Does Melbourne Have Good Water Quality?

Yes, Melbourne overall has very good water quality. Melbourne’s water supply system is extremely strong as it delivers approximately 1,250,000 L of drinking water daily to over 5 million residents. The system includes the following:

  • 157,000 hectares of catchment area, both protected and open catchments – including locations within Maroondah, Upper Yarra, Thomson, O’Shannassy, Silvan, and Cardinia
  • 10 water storage reservoirs and 40 service reservoirs.
  • Numerous water treatment plants.
  • About 1,100 km of aqueducts and underground water mains that distribute water to various retail water companies.

These features ensure that Melbourne’s water is not only abundant but also of high quality. Water primarily comes from protected catchments in the Yarra Ranges, which are limited in public access, thus maintaining the purity of the water with minimal need for treatment. T

Why Melbourne’s Water Might Still Need Filtration?

Despite Melbourne’s water being  treated and supplied by several major bodies. There are still a few factors that might still influence your decision to use a water filter:

  • Taste and Smell Preferences: Some people may be sensitive to the taste and odor of chlorine used water treatment. Chlorine is used extensively in Melbourne’s water treatment process to kill harmful bacteria and other pathogens. While effective, chlorine can leave a residual taste and odor that many people find unpleasant.
  • Additional Safety Measures: While Melbourne’s water is safe, some residents prefer an additional layer of protection against potential contaminants, particularly in areas with older infrastructure.
  • Specific Health Concerns: Individuals with specific health concerns may opt to remove fluoride or other additives from their drinking water. Fluoride is added to Melbourne’s water to help prevent tooth decay. Although beneficial for dental health, some residents prefer to filter out fluoride due to personal health beliefs or preferences
  • Sediments: While generally low in sediments, occasionally, rogue particulate matter can enter the water supply through aging infrastructure or during maintenance work, leading to slight turbidity.

What Are The Different Types of Water Filters?

Different water filters are designed to target specific contaminants, making the choice highly dependent on your family

1. Activated Carbon Filters

These filters are excellent for removing chlorine, VOCs, and other taste and odor-affecting particles. However, they do not effectively remove dissolved inorganic substances or microorganisms.

2. Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filters

RO systems are highly effective due to their ability to remove a broad spectrum of contaminants, including fluoride, lead, other heavy metals, salts, and bacteria, through a semipermeable membrane. Based on our professional daily experiences, here’s why they are often perceived as the best choice for water filtration within homes.

  • Comprehensive Filtration: RO can address a range of chemical, biological, and physical contaminants.
  • Improved Taste: The inclusion of activated carbon filters in RO systems helps improve water taste and odor.
  • Energy Efficiency: RO systems typically do not require electricity, relying instead on water pressure.
  • Low Maintenance: These systems generally require less frequent maintenance—just periodic replacement of the membrane and filters.
  • Space Efficiency: Many models are designed to fit conveniently under a kitchen sink.

However, RO systems are not without their limitations. They do produce some wastewater, remove beneficial minerals, and are generally more expensive both upfront and in ongoing costs than other filter types.

3. Other Filters

  • Ultraviolet Filters: Best for disinfecting water from viruses and bacteria. Typically used in Medical institutions. 
  • Ion Exchange Filters: Effective for softening water and removing radium and arsenic.

Choosing the Right Water Filter

Assess Your Water Quality

Testing your water is essential to determine the specific contaminants you need to address. This can be done via a home testing kit or by obtaining a report from your local water authority.

Consider Your Water Usage

Evaluate how much filtered water you need daily, which will influence whether you should opt for a point-of-use system like an under-sink RO system or a whole-house filter.

Understand the Maintenance and Costs

Consider the initial setup cost, ongoing maintenance, and filter replacement expenses. RO systems, for instance, require a higher initial investment and ongoing costs but offer superior contaminant removal in the long run.

Water Filter Installation Melbourne

Selecting the best water filter for your home depends on your specific water quality issues and your household’s water usage needs. Reverse Osmosis systems are widely regarded as one of the most effective solutions for a wide array of water quality concerns, offering both reliability and consistently reliable filtration. If you’re considering an RO system or any other type of water filtration system, consulting with a professional can provide tailored advice and installation services. The Local Plumber Melbourne is equipped to help you choose and install the ideal water filtration system to meet your needs. We pride ourselves in ensuring you have access to safe, clean drinking water. As well as water filter installation services, we also specialize in 24hr emergency plumbing repairs, blocked drain services and hot water installations. Feel free to contact us today for same day availability and Melbourne wide services.

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