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What Should You Do If You Smell Gas Within Your Home?

What Should You Do If You Smell Gas Within Your Home the local plumber melbourne

The smell of gas in your home can be alarming and is often an indicator of a potentially dangerous situation. Natural gas is highly flammable, and even a small leak can pose significant risks such as fire or explosion. It’s crucial to act quickly and carefully. At The Local Plumber Melbourne, we prioritize your safety and provide emergency services to handle gas leaks promptly. Here’s a comprehensive guide on what to do if you detect the smell of gas in your home.

Immediate Steps to Take

1. Do Not Ignite Anything

Avoid turning on lights, using matches, lighters, or any other source of flame. Electrical switches can also create sparks that might ignite gas in the air. Keeping this in mind can prevent catastrophic accidents.

2. Ventilate the Area

If it’s safe to do so, open doors and windows to help disperse the gas. This can reduce the concentration of gas in the air, lowering the risk of a fire or explosion.

3. Turn Off the Gas Supply

If you can access your gas meter safely, turn off the gas supply to your home. This can help prevent more gas from leaking into your home. The gas meter usually has a shut-off valve that can be turned to the off position.

4. Evacuate the Premises

Once you have taken preliminary safety measures, evacuate the area immediately. Avoid using your mobile phone or any electrical devices until you are safely away from the suspected leak.

5. Call for Help

If you believe there is a major natural gas leak, immediately call your local gas distributor. You can find your gas distributor’s emergency number on your bill and they will be able to advise next steps. 

Victoria is serviced by three main gas distributors, each responsible for a distinct geographic region within the state.

  • Australian Gas Networks: Covers northern and southeastern Melbourne, along with northern and eastern Victoria. Emergency Number 1800 898 220.
  • Multinet Gas: Serves the inner and outer eastern regions of Melbourne, as well as the Yarra Ranges and South Gippsland. Emergency Number: 132 691
  • AusNet Services: Manages the gas supply for central and western Victoria: 13 67 07

For gas fitting services, relating to installations, repairs and  replacements, you can contact a licensed gas fitter for assistance. If you are a renter, reach out to your real estate agent. It’s crucial to call professionals who are equipped to handle gas leaks safely and effectively.

How to Identify a Gas Leak?

Besides the distinctive sulfur-like smell that is added to natural gas (which is otherwise odorless) for safety reasons, here are a few signs that can indicate a gas leak:

  • Hissing Sound: A hissing or whistling sound near a gas line or appliance can indicate gas escaping.
  • Visible Damage to Gas Line: Any visible damage to a gas line should be considered a potential leak.
  • Dead Vegetation: If plants in your home suddenly die or discolor without an apparent reason, it could be due to a gas leak affecting the area.
  • Bubbles in Water: A leak in a gas line submerged in water might produce bubbles.

What Typically Causes Melbourne Gas Leaks

Gas leaks in the home can arise from various sources, often linked to the condition and installation of gas appliances and piping. Key causes include:

  • Deteriorated Seals: Over time, the seals in gas appliances such as stoves and heaters can wear out and break down, allowing gas to escape.
  • Corrosion or Damage to Pipes: Gas pipes can become corroded or physically damaged due to environmental factors, construction work, or even routine household activities, leading to leaks.
  • Improper Installation: Gas leaks can occur if appliances or piping are not installed correctly, resulting in loose or poorly fitted connections.
  • Natural Wear and Tear: As gas systems age, components naturally degrade, which can compromise the integrity of gas lines and fittings, leading to potential leaks.
  • Accidental Impacts: Unexpected impacts from renovations or heavy machinery can cause immediate and severe damage to gas lines, resulting in leaks.

How To Prevent Gas Leaks?

Prevention is always better than cure, especially when it comes to gas leaks. Here are some tips to help you prevent this dangerous situation:

  • Regular Inspections: Schedule regular inspections of your gas lines and appliances with The Local Plumber Melbourne. Regular maintenance can identify and rectify potential hazards before they become serious.
  • Proper Appliance Installation: Ensure that all gas appliances are installed by a professional. Incorrect installation can lead to gas leaks.
  • Know Your Appliances: Be aware of how to operate your gas appliances correctly and the maintenance they require.

Melbourne’s Leading Gas Fitting Plumbers

At The Local Plumber Melbourne, our emergency plumbers offer a comprehensive gas fitting services that includes installation, repair, and maintenance of gas lines and appliances. Our team of licensed professionals is equipped to handle emergencies and ensure your gas systems are up to standard, providing peace of mind regarding your household’s safety.

If you smell gas in your home, it’s crucial to act swiftly and safely. By following the steps outlined above, you can protect yourself, your family, and your property from the dangers of a gas leak. Remember, dealing with gas leaks is not a DIY project; always call in the professionals. The Local Plumber Melbourne is committed to your safety and ready to assist with any gas leak issues, providing expert services to ensure your home is safe and secure. Contact us immediately if you suspect a gas leak, and let us take care of the rest.

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