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What Is Commercial Plumbing & Why Is It Different?


Just like our homes, commercial spaces need to be in their best condition at all times. Businesses throughout Australia are under stricter regulations to ensure the safety of their customers. Due to more stern regulations, a professional plumber can help ensure every component of the building’s plumbing system complies with local, state and national laws.

Businesses looking for experienced and knowledgeable plumbers need not look far. Our team here at The Local Plumber have the skills to attend to any installation, maintenance and repair needed in commercial establishments. We have years of experience and training necessary to repair issues affecting plumbing systems and appliances.

What is Commercial Plumbing?

Blocked sewers, water leaks and water pressure issues are common problems encountered by businesses across Melbourne. These problems can interrupt business flow and can even cause closure due to non-compliance. Commercial plumbing caters to the unique needs of businesses like hotels, high-rise office buildings and restaurants. Unlike plumbing services for residential properties, this plumbing service deals with complex issues, bigger property sizes and more floors. The nature of work requires professionals who have years of experience and training to correctly get the job done.

What Services Do Commercial Plumbers Offer?

Commercial plumbers are popularly known as maintenance plumbers. These professionals possess the necessary experience and skills to have commercial spaces comply with the complexity of regulations covering them. With this skill set, they normally work on ensuring that every component of the business establishment’s plumbing system follows prevailing laws and regulations. However, maintenance is not the only job commercial plumbers can do. So, what do plumbers, who specialise in commercial plumbing, offer to businesses?

A commercial plumber offers the following services:

  • General maintenance, which includes repair, piping and installation services
  • Replacement of a damaged pipes or ageing plumbing system
  • Clearing of blocked stormwater drains and sewers
  • Installation and maintenance of drinking water lines
  • Installation, maintenance and repair of the backflow prevention system
  • Installation, maintenance and repair of fire systems
  • General clean up

What Are The Differences Between Commercial and Residential Plumbing?

Residential plumbers usually deal with issues on properties smaller in size while commercial plumbers have to concern themselves with multiple floors. However, size is not the only thing that sets them apart. The following are other factors differentiating the two:

  • The complexity of the issue – Plumbing problems in residential buildings are less complex compared to that in commercial establishments. Due to the nature of use and the number of people using a commercial building, it is not surprising that issues here are more complex compared to residential spaces. It is also a given that pipes, fixtures and plumbing systems in these spaces are prone to wear and tear, which may be more frequent than one can imagine.
  • Variety of problems – Several plumbing issues all happening simultaneously is extremely common within commercial facilities. Due to this severity, commercial plumbers must have the expertise to attend to these issues at once. It means they must have the skills to handle clogged drains that resulted in a damaged pipe and must be ready to provide the correct solution to these problems.
  • Working hours – Most commercial plumbers are always ready to help at any time, any day. Many commercial plumbers operate on a round-the-clock basis, even on weekends and holidays.
  • Specialist tools – Every professional has unique tools to help him carry out his expertise. For plumbers, pipe wrenches, toilet augers, and plumber’s snake tools are pieces of equipment used in installations and repairs. While commercial plumbers also use these tools, they also use more powerful tools when dealing with problems in commercial properties. Industrial wet and dry vacuums, generators and large drain cleaners are some of those exclusively used in commercial plumbing.

Characteristics of a Great Commercial Plumber

Looking for a commercial plumber is not hard, but picking the right plumber is hard. There is an abundance of commercial plumbers in the market. However, it is a struggle to choose a Melbourne plumber who can deliver long-lasting and reliable installation, maintenance and repair services. 

Expert commercial plumbers must have these characteristics to get quality commercial plumbing:

  • Commercial plumbing experience – Experience is a great teacher, they say. While plumbers who serve residential customers can do the job, it is always better to check if they also have catered to the plumbing service needs of commercial properties. Given the strict and unique requirements covering these establishments, it is always better to work with someone who has years of experience attending to plumbing installations and repairs in commercial properties.
  • Track record – Word of mouth works best when looking for a great commercial plumber. By checking with friends, family and acquaintances, business owners can check the quality of work provided by a commercial plumber, how he faced challenges and the amount spent for the installation or repair.
  • Licences & Qualifications  – Having a licence is a must for plumbers across Victoria. Working with a licensed Victorian commercial plumber not only allows businesses to comply with prevailing regulations but also guarantees the correct and long-lasting installation and repair for every plumbing appliance and system.

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At The Local Plumber, we have some of the best commercial plumbers in Melbourne with extensive experience and knowledge in keeping plumbing systems and appliances in tip-top shape all year round. . Our team is comprised of fully qualified melbourne emergency plumbers who hold a licence from the Victorian Building Authority under the Plumbing Regulations Act 2018. We are confident that our team of passionate, honest and highly skilled 24 hour plumbers can help with issues like clogged drains, gas leaks and defective hot water systems. Contact The Local Plumber now to experience why we are rated as one of the best commercial plumbers within Melbourne!

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