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Toilet Replacement & Installation – Everything You Need To Know!

Toilet Replacement & Installation - Everything You Need To Know

A toilet replacement and installation involves many considerations, costs and steps. A licensed plumber should perform the toilet services to make sure everything aligns with safety rules and regulations. Here at The Local Plumber our Emergency Plumber team will perform toilet replacement and installation services in all parts of Melbourne.

With a toilet replacement and installation it is important to consider the existing plumbing to make sure the new toilet can be installed correctly. The average price of the toilet replacement and installation service is from $150 to $1200* and only a certified plumber can work on the job. 

What are the Considerations with Toilet Replacement and Installation?

Below is a guide on what to consider when it comes to toilet replacement and installation work:

  • Room around the toilet – make sure that there is enough room around the toilet and that it aligns with all safety standards. 
  • Water supply line – the water supply line is what will bring the water to the toilet and most have a lifespan between 6-8 years. Have a plumber inspect the toilet water supply line to see if it should be replaced at the same time while the toilet is replaced with a new one.
  • Angle stops – these work to shut off the water to the toilet when there is a leak so it is important to replace them while the toilet is being replaced.
  • Toilet flange – the toilet flange connects the toilet to the floor and the dimensions and size of it will influence what wax ring is needed. Make sure to know what the new toilet will need in terms of its wax ring and toilet flange so it can be installed correctly and for no toilet leaks to happen.
  • P-trap or S-trap – it is important to know how the existing plumbing is layout to remove the wastewater when considering replacing the toilet. Knowing if the wastewater exits through the floor via an S-trap or through the wall via a P-trap is needed. Before choosing a toilet it is important to know the wastewater exit method to make sure the new toilet can work with this. For instance, if the old toilet had an S-trap but the new toilet uses a P-trap then additional work will need to be done to ensure the wastewater can exit properly. 
  • Cistern water inlet – the water inlet will either be a back inlet or a bottom inlet and knowing this is important for the replacement and installation process. It is also important to check the location of the water inlet point to make sure the new toilet will be able to work with it and if adjustments will need to be made to accommodate the new toilet.

How Much Does it Cost for a Toilet Replacement and Installation?

The average cost of a toilet replacement and installation service ranges from approximately  $150 to $1200* with many factors influencing the price. Below describes what are the common factors that change how much the toilet installation and replacement will cost:

Type of Toilet

The type of toilet will influence the overall cost of the service as it can make it easier or harder to install and the upfront cost is also a factor:

  • One-piece and two-piece toilets – one-piece toilets will have the cistern integrated with the toilet while two-piece close coupled toilets have a separate bowl and cistern and are often cheaper.
  • Dual flush – these toilets are more expensive but they save water due to have two flushing options, often half and full flush options.
  • Hidden cistern – the cistern will be hidden behind the wall or other type of structure, are more expensive and offers a more sleek look to the bathroom.
  • Add ons – if the toilet contains additional features, such as a heated seat, then this will add to the price of the installation.

Job Factors

There are certain factors of the toilet installation and replacement job that will impact the overall cost:

Complexity – how difficult it will be to replace and install the toilet will mean that the job price will increase. The more construction, repairs and movement of systems there are for the toilet service will increase the cost.

Location – the location of where the toilet will be replaced and installed will influence the price, where more difficult locations to access will add to the cost.

Labour – the more labour and materials involved in the process of replacing and installing the process means the higher the end cost will be.

Does a Plumber Need to Perform the Toilet Replacement and Installation?

Only a fully qualified plumber can perform a toilet replacement and installation job. This is to align with all safety rules and regulations and also ensure the toilet will function correctly. There are many parts and plumbing systems involved with the toilet and a plumber will know how to correctly install and connect everything. If an untrained plumber performs the toilet installation and replacement it goes against rules and regulations but there is also a higher chance of faults forming.

The Local Plumber is here to help locals of Melbourne with all types of toilet replacement and installation work. Our team will replace the existing toilet and install the new one in any space. We provide our toilet installation and replacement services to all of Melbourne, and we also offer expert Blocked Drain services. For some of the best toilet replacement and installation services – always trust The Local Plumber.

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