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Is a Japanese Electronic Toilet Seat Worth It

Japanese Electronic Toilet Bidet - The Local Plumber Melbourne

For years, toilets have been around, making our lives more hygienic. But, what if they could be so much more? More to the point that you won’t have to do anything while using them.

You don’t have to wonder anymore. The Japanese people got you covered with their electronic toilet seat that must have already surprised (in a good way) many tourists.

What is a Japanese Electronic Toilet Seat?

Japanese people are known for their ingenuity and sanitation. These characteristics even translate to how they manage their excretions, just like their electronic toilet seat.

Generally, what sets it apart is its ability to wash the user using posterior and front bidets and a built-in air dryer. Cleaning up after using the toilet becomes a hands-free experience with these features. Plus, you don’t have to use toilet paper at all, making it an eco-friendly option.

In 2020, 2.84 million electric toilets were sold in Japan. As a result, more than 70% of Japanese households now own this type of toilet seat. And it turns out, even the world fell in love with its creative concept. After all, 50 million units have already been sold globally, including Australia, with over 2000 sold toilets in 2020.

Victorian distributors have emerged with its increasing demand in the land down under, making these toilets more accessible to the Australian population. 

But is it worth it? What else does this toilet offer?

Defining Features

Other than versatile bidets, Japanese toilet seats also have the following cool features:

1. Automated lid

Sometimes it’s a hassle to bend down just to open a toilet lid. But, this isn’t a problem with Japanese toilets since they come with a motion sensor that automatically opens or closes the lid when approached. 

2. Heated seat

Living in a country with four seasons is bothersome when winter leaves a cold sensation on our toilets. The toilet turns cold, which makes our pee breaks an unpleasant experience. 

Japanese people understand this problem so well. So, an additional feature of their electronic toilet is a heated seat. You can even set it to automatically shut down during the day and turn on once nighttime is detected to save electricity.

3. Built-in water heater

As we know, this toilet has bidets that automatically washes the users. But, have you ever wondered what water temperature it uses?

Like its other features, water temperature is also customisable, made possible by its built-in water heater. So, if you want the water a little warm, this toilet got you covered. You can even set the temperature at three to five different settings, ranging from 92 to 105 ℉. 

Its built-in heater can be either a “reservoir tank” or “on-demand” type. The former uses a mini water tank inside the bidet seat, and the latter utilises a heating coil.

4. Self-cleaning

Apart from washing the user, the toilet can also clean itself. Hence, you won’t have to worry if it has become too dirty. The toilet knows its needs as much as it knows yours.

5. Night light

Have toilet problems during nighttime? 

With this toilet, you won’t have to worry anymore. Some Japanese toilet models, like Brondell Swash 1400, Bio Bidet Slim ONE, and Ove Decors 735H Bidet Toilet, have cool blue LED lights to visually assist you during the night. 

Cool, right? 

But, if a toilet has this much function, doesn’t that also mean more maintenance and instalment needs? Not necessarily. In fact, its minimal instalment and maintenance requirements are one of its key benefits.

Key Benefits

1. Easy instalment

Since most of its parts are automated and connected, installing a Japanese toilet is like assembling a high school project. Also, with its built-in heating system, having a separate line for hot water is unnecessary.

But, just to be sure, always call your emergency plumbers to perform the installation for you. That way, you’ll know that everything is in place and no screws or buttons are missing from your immaculate toilet. Additionally, if you require toilet repairs or unclogging, please call us.

2. Cleaner

With these toilets, washing becomes hands-free. Hence, there’s less contact and chances of contamination. Moreover, the strategic placement of bidets ensures that everything is cleaned.

3. Eco-friendly

Did you know that the global demand for toilet paper requires 27 000 trees daily?

Well, that number’s bound to go down as more people patronise Japanese toilets since its technology discourages the use of toilet paper. 

Is it worth it?

The entry point price for these Japanese toilets is $2000, while the top-of-the-line ones cost $33 000. That’s a lot of money. But, considering the comfort and ease it provides, the price is justified.

You won’t even have to worry much about its maintenance since it’s pretty much self-sufficient. Plus, you have The Local Plumber to provide an immediate remedy for plumbing issues.

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