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How To Turn Your Water Mains Off?


Plumbing appliances and systems encounter a lot of issues. All are as threatening as the other when it comes to maintaining the integrity of the plumbing system. When threats become more apparent, property owners must know how to turn off the water supply coming into your building to prevent further damage

With the water mains shut off, highly skilled plumbers can effectively diagnose and address the issue without any trouble. At The Local Plumber, we have the most experienced and knowledgeable emergency plumbing service professionals within Melbourne. All it takes is a call or a message to have one of our “fast plumbers near me” on your doorstep any time, any day.

Cases Requiring to Shut Off Water Mains 

Flooding usually occurs after a pipe breaks or a leaking toilet. When any water-related issues start, it is best for property owners to shut off their water mains immediately as a first priority. Halting the water supply to the whole property helps prevent issues from developing into serious problems and damaging other parts of the property. It also makes it easier for plumbers to work and prevent accidents.

In shutting off the water supply, it is generally recommended in most cases that involve working with various components of the plumbing system. It is not only beneficial when repairing a defective component, but also in cases where a replacement is needed or when installing a new fixture. Shutting off the water supply is recommended in the following circumstances:

  • Leaking
  • Installing bathroom and kitchen fixtures
  • Repair of plumbing appliances and systems
  • When going on a holiday

How Do I Turn Off the Water in My Home Manually? 

While valves differ from one property to another, these steps usually help with turning off the water mains:

  1. Locate the water metre – Water metres in Australia are commonly found in front of the property. Usually, it sits near the fence or at times, close to a garden tap. Most of these metres sit close to the ground and can even be behind plants or foliage.
  2. Find the on/off valve – Depending on the water metre installed, this equipment usually comes with a tap, knob or lever, especially those installed in newer properties. These handles turn on or off the supply of water going into a house or a commercial building.
  3. Turn off the water supply – It is easy to shut off the water mains. All the property owner needs to do is move the tap, knob or lever to the right or clockwise. If it does not work, it could be designed to turn off the water supply by turning the valve counterclockwise or left.

Isolation Valves and Main Water Valves: What’s the Difference?

Finding the water main valve can be a challenge for some. In some cases, property owners could mistake their isolation valves for their home or commercial space’s water mains. Isolation valves are those found near sinks, toilets, water heaters and washing machines. Turning this valve only limits water supply on certain parts of the plumbing system. It works best when the plumber will only deal with a certain part of the building. Isolating the water supply in the bathroom is best when the plumber is to work with the bathroom sink or toilet. Isolation valves can also be helpful when identifying where the leak is happening. By removing the water supply on certain pipes, 24 hour plumbing repair experts can easily pinpoint where and how much coverage is affected by a leak. 

Why Do I Need To Turn It Off? 

Turning off the water supply provides several advantages. Leaking or damaged pipes are subjected to additional pressure when the water supply is kept on. In emergencies, shutting off the water mains prevents consequences like flooding, damaging insulation and wiring and structural material damage. Aside from preventing such side effects, it also offers the following benefits:

  • Makes the repair process easier and smoother – A dried pipe helps make it easier to remove damaged pipes, broken toilets and rusting taps. Our 24hr emergency plumbers recommend immediately turning off the water mains when any fixtures start showing signs of malfunction. 
  • Safety – Aside from preventing further problems, shutting off the water mains also protects plumbers from accidents. Water still running on pipes and all over the building can result in pipes breaking or water gushing out while repairing the tap or shower, which results in an injured plumber.
  • Significant savings – As mentioned, turning off the water supply significantly helps prevent further damage and other issues from happening. Homeowners and businesses need not worry that additional replacements or repairs are needed, apart from the initial issue discovered.

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