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How To Turn On & Off Your Hot Water System?


It is nice to have the hot water system running 24/7. However, there are times when it needs to be shut down. Various reasons could be behind this need, and property owners can quickly do so if they know what to do. A hot water plumber is the best professional to have when dealing with your water heater. At The Local Plumber, we are always ready to help deal with the unique needs of your hot water system. Our emergency plumbers have years of experience and training to handle the needs of your water heater. Our team has been helping homeowners and businesses for over two decades in installing, maintaining and repairing this equipment.

Restarting your Hot Water System:

  1. Shut off the cold water supply
  2. Turn off the breakers or gasoline
  3. To restart, turn on the water supply
  4. Check the water tank for air
  5. Turn on the energy source
  6. Wait for the water to heat up

Steps in Turning Off Your Hot Water System

Several reasons necessitate the need to turn off the hot water system. Regardless of what prompted the need to shut it off, these are common steps in shutting down the hot water system, whether it may be electric, gas-fueled or solar-powered.

  1. Shut off the main water line – It is always best to shut off the water supply when dealing with your plumbing system, regardless of which water heater type you are running. To turn off the cold water inlet, adjust the control valve by twisting it counterclockwise. This valve is found at the bottom of the water heater. For those running on solar-powered units, the lever might usually sit on the roof next to the storage tank.
  2. Turn off the energy source – It is important to know what kind of water heater you are using to turn off its power. For electric hot water systems, all it takes is to switch off its circuit breaker. Gas-powered systems, on the other hand, can be turned off by twisting the gas valve to the off position.

Restarting Your Hot Water Heating System

Restarting the water heater is as simple as shutting it down. While different hot water system types have their ways of starting it up, all it takes are a few steps to get it running. The following steps will do the trick for an electric hot water system. However for more safety tips, please refer to Victorian Building authority’s hot water safety guide.

  1. Turn on the water supply – Like how it was shut off, turning the cold water inlet control valve will allow water back into the tank for heating.
  2. Check the water tank – Due to the threat of air developing in the pipes after turning off the water heater, it is a must to closely monitor the water tank while refilling. The first step to refilling is to run hot tap water inside the building. Next, turn the cold water supply to flush out any residue. After flushing, keep the cold water in the tank until it is filled. You can tell when this is the case when there’s a steady stream of water flowing from the tank.
  3. Turn on the energy source – Homes and commercial spaces with electric water heaters only need to turn the circuit breaker back on. Some systems come with a switch marked as “Hot Water” and an indicator of the “On” and “Off” buttons.
  4. Wait for the water to heat up – The waiting game starts after turning the power back on. It usually takes hours for a water tank to be fully heated, which depends on the tank size and heating element. 

For those using an electric instantaneous hot water system, you just need to follow the steps from one to three to restart heating your water.

Homes and commercial spaces using gas-fueled water heaters with a pilot light can restart their units by following these steps:

  1. Make sure that the system has the correct settings – Several settings must be adjusted before turning on the gas-fueled water heater. Some models require removing the panels to access the pilot button. First, ensure the On/Off button has been set to the “Pilot” position. Next, turn the temperature to the lowest possible setting. Turn the regulator valve to the Off position after adjusting the temperature. Next, turn the switch back to “Pilot” mode.
  2. Press the pilot button to ignite the gas – Simultaneously press the pilot button and the piezo ignitor switch. In the silver tube connected to the gas control valve, check whether the pilot light flame is ignited.
  3. Keep pressing the pilot button – Experts recommend keeping pushing the pilot button for up to 30 seconds once the pilot lights ignited. This allowance gives the flame enough time to activate the thermocouple device to keep the flame alight. If the flame goes out, you need to repeat the process.
  4. Turn on the water heater main burner – After ensuring that the flame is ignited, switch the On/Off switch to “On.” Hot water plumbers recommend setting the temperature at 50 degrees Celsius for those not fitted with a tempering valve. For those with this valve, it should be at 65 degrees Celsius.

Reasons To Shut Off the Hot Water System

There will come a point when you have to turn off the water heater by yourself to prevent damage. Some are done to avoid a more complicated issue while others are required to lower energy consumption. The following reasons are why hot water systems need to be turned off:

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