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How To Fix A Slow Drain?

How To Fix A Slow Drain-the-local-plumber-melbourne

Dealing with a slow drain in Melbourne can indeed be a bothersome experience, but with the right knowledge and tools, homeowners can take control of the situation without necessarily resorting to professional intervention. Here at The Local Plumber, we understand the intrinsic importance of maintaining a seamlessly flowing plumbing system that aligns with the unique demands of Melbourne. In this easy to follow guide, we will delve deeper into the common causes of slow drains and provide an in-depth exploration of the five effective methods to fix the issue. Our primary objective is to empower Melbourne homeowners to promptly address slow drains, mitigating the risk of potential plumbing emergencies.

What Causes Slow Drains in Melbourne?

A slow drain, in many instances, results from a clogged pipe that impedes the efficient flow of water through the plumbing system. These blocked drains can lead to water backing up and overflowing, potentially causing significant complications such as water damage and bacterial growth. To proactively prevent such issues, it is imperative to understand the underlying reasons behind these drains

In Melbourne, factors like hard water, tree roots infiltrating underground pipes, and the accumulation of debris from storms can contribute to blockages. Understanding the specific challenges posed by Melbourne’s environment allows homeowners to adopt preventative measures tailored to their locale.

Methods to Fix a Slow Drain

Drain Stopper and Pop-Up

Initiating the process, start by removing the drain stopper or pop-up. This step allows for a direct assessment of any accumulated hair and debris, common culprits for slow drains. Melbourne’s diverse weather conditions may contribute to unique debris buildup, making regular checks imperative. Thoroughly cleaning the stopper or pop-up is crucial. If the issue persists, it indicates that the blockage may be deeper within the drain, necessitating further attention and potentially professional assistance.

Coat Hanger Wire, Zip-It Tool, or Similar Tools

For more stubborn blockages deeper within the drain, employing a coat hanger wire, zip-it tool, or a similar device becomes crucial. Melbourne’s soil composition and vegetation may contribute to different types of blockages. It’s essential to ensure that the selected tool can effectively grab and pull up the clog. Removing the drain cover and pop-up for better access enhances the efficacy of this method.

Drain Cleaner

Choosing the right drain cleaner is pivotal, especially considering our local environment. For a natural solution, the combination of one cup of baking soda with one cup of white vinegar proves effective. Allowing this mixture to sit for 15 minutes before pouring boiling water down the drain can help break down blockages. Alternatively, store-bought drain cleaning products can be used, provided the instructions are followed meticulously.

Clear The Sink Overflow Opening

Investigating the sink overflow opening is a critical step, considering Melbourne’s susceptibility to sudden storms. A slow drain might be caused by a blocked overflow drain opening, hindering proper water flow. Regularly cleaning the overflow drain by scrubbing or removing debris ensures unhindered water passage, preventing potential overflow during heavy rainfall.


The plunger, a classic plumbing tool, can be highly effective in addressing slow drains. By filling the sink with water, submerging the plunger, removing any trapped air, and employing a plunging motion, it’s possible to dislodge hair and debris causing the slow drain. Melbourne’s varying temperatures and seasonal changes may impact plumbing differently, making regular plunging a proactive measure for maintaining plumbing health.

Expert Assistance from Melbourne Blocked Drain Plumbers

While the outlined DIY methods prove effective for many slow drain issues, certain situations necessitate professional intervention. At The Local Plumber our team of qualified emergency plumbers specializes in resolving slow drain concerns for all Melbourne locals. Some more advanced techniques to help unblock your drains include using CCTV drain inspections as well as electric eels and jet blasting.

Melbourne’s distinct weather patterns and environmental factors can present unique challenges for drainage systems, and our expertise lies in understanding and addressing these nuances effectively. From the Yarra Valley to the bayside suburbs, our professional plumbers are equipped to provide tailored solutions for Melbourne residents Trust us to deliver prompt and professional solutions to your plumbing concerns in Melbourne, Victoria. A proactive approach to plumbing maintenance ensures a hassle-free experience for Melbourne residents, promoting a harmonious coexistence with the city’s unique plumbing challenges.

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