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How To Fix A Leaking Shower Head?


A leaking shower head is a common shower problem but can be easily fixed. Repairing the leaking shower head can be done by any person but relying on a professional plumbing will make sure it is done fast, effectively and permanently. Plumbers will be quick to find out why the shower head is leaking and then use the right methods to resolve the problem. Here at The Local Plumber our Emergency Plumber team is available at all hours of the day to perform shower repairs for Melbourne locals, including shower head repairs. 

The main ways to fix a leaking shower head are to:

  • Clean or replace the shower head
  • Replace the shower washer or o-ring
  • Replace the shower cartridge valve

How to Repair a Leaking Shower Head?

There are three main methods to try to fix a leaking shower head, below is a guide on how to perform them:

Cleaning or replacing the shower head

When the problem is that the water does not come out of the shower head properly and it drips slowly, then the shower head is most likely the cause of the issue. Most times cleaning the shower head will help remove this issue but at times replacing it with a new one is more effective. 

To clean the shower head make sure that the water is off to the shower, unscrew the shower head and then remove the faceplate. Scrub the faceplate and also submerge it into white vinegar for a few hours to clean the holes. Rinse the shower head, remove the debris and then reattach the shower head to see if it works again. If it still leaks after it is cleaned then it might need to be replaced.For more information about how to unclog the shower head, our blog is here with more detailed steps and methods!

Replacing the washer or O-ring

The rubber washer or or-ring is a common part of the shower head that needs replacing when it is worn. These act like a seal and are located in shower heads, taps and levers to stop the water from exiting or leaking. Most shower heads will have one washer and depending on if the shower lever has one or two will also depend if there are one or two washers in those.

To replace the shower head washer make sure that the water is turned off first to prevent issues. Remove the shower head and access the washer which most times is placed behind a nut. Remove the washer and replace it with the correct sized shower washer. Place back on the shower head and see if it stops leaking. 

If the shower still leaks then the washers in the shower taps and levers might need replacing. Turn off the water and remove the tap or lever to then access the washer which is behind a sleeve and trim that covers the stem. Remove any nuts and the other parts to replace the washer and then put back on the shower head lever or tap, test it and see if this has resolved the leaking shower head problem.

Replacing the cartridge valve

The other steps are simpler but if they do not resolve the leaking shower head then replacing the cartridge valve should be tested. Shower cartridge valves are used to help with water pressure, control and flow and will need to be replaced if they have worn out. Ensure the water is turned off and remove the shower tap and handle. Each shower tap will have a different cartridge, often gold or silver in colour, so make sure that you purchase the correct size and type. 

Remove the cartridge valve by unscrewing a nut and then removing the valve, most times following the manufacturer’s instructions is the best option. Replace the old cartridge valve with the new one, place it back on the tap and then test to see if the shower still leaks

Trust Your Local Plumber to Fix a Leaking Shower Head!

The Local Plumber promises to efficiently and professionally repair any leaking shower head in Melbourne. Our fully qualified plumbers are fast to the job and are quick to find out exactly why the shower head leaks water. We make sure to apply the best tools and techniques to the task and are guaranteed to stop the shower head from leaking. We also offer professional Blocked Drain specialists who are highly skilled at removing any clog from any drain. For the best shower head and shower repair services in Melbourne – rely on The Local Plumber!

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