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How Do I Get Rid Of Drain Flies In My Bathroom?


Drain flies are not harmful to people but their presence does suggest that there is something attracting them inside the drain. Often blockages, debris and water stagnant and leaks are the reasons why flies are attracted to the drains. There are many simple methods to test to try and get rid of the flies but relying on a plumber is quick and effective. Here at The Local Plumber, our melbourne emergency plumber team is here to help remove drain flies from any home.

The different methods to deal with drain flies are:

  • Cleaning and scrubbing the drain
  • Boiling water
  • Using salt, baking soda and vinegar
  • Store bought chemical cleaner
  • Relying on a fully licenced and qualified plumber

How To Remove Drain Flies From the Sink?

Dealing with drain flies is simple and can be done using home materials, some methods include:

  • Clean the sink and drain with the normal cleaning products and solutions used while using a pipe brush to clean the insides of the drain
  • Pour boiling water down the drain which will remove the flies and do this one or twice during the week
  • Use half a cup of salt with half a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar to pour down the sink, leave overnight, pour boiling water in the morning and clean out the flies
  • A tougher method is to buy a drain clever from the store that is used to unclog drains but can be used to clear out the flies. Any material and debris that are inside the drain and attracting the flies will be cleared out using the store drain cleaner

If the flies will not clear from the drain after trying out some of these methods then a plumber should be contacted. The plumber will find out what is causing the flies to be attracted to the drain and then will use the best techniques to resolve the problem.

Why Are Drain Flies in My Drain?

Drain flies are attracted to moisture, stagnant and shallow water and also organic debris. This is why sinks and showers are there as flies are often found due to the food, bacteria, debris and water being present. Drain flies will also likely go to drains that are often not as used as other ones but can still show in commonly used or clean drains. 

If there is a Blocked Drain or a water leak then this means there is a higher chance of the flies being attracted there as well. Blocked drains will most likely have large amounts of food, waste and debris caught in the pipe where the flies will go. Water leaks in pipes also mean that there is a section of water pooling in one area where the flies will go there as well.

How Do You Know If There are Drain Flies?

The main way to tell if there are drain flies present is to visibly see them. If you can see one or more constantly in the same drain area then this means that they are present. A test can also be done to see if flies are in the drain but have not yet been seen. Place a piece of sticky tape face down over the drain overnight and see in the morning if any were trapped on them. A plumber will also be able to perform CCTV drain inspections to look for flies in the drain, what is causing them to be attracted to that area then know how to resolve the issue.

Are Drain Flies Bad For You?

Drain flies are not harmful to people, such as will not bite them or give them diseases. They do indicate that the drains will need a clean because they have been attracted to that area for some reason. It is important that when you see the flies in the drain you clean it as soon as possible to prevent other insects and animals from being attracted to the drain as well. 

Melbourne’s Professional Blocked Drain Plumbers

The Local Plumber is ready to help any Melbourne local with drain flies. Our fully qualified plumbers know how to identify what is causing the flies to be attracted to the drain and then will utilise the right techniques to clear out the drain. For the best plumbers to resolve drain flies issues – rely on The Local Plumber Melbourne!

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