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What Is A Plumbing Emergency & Common Examples


A plumbing emergency is when an issue with a plumbing system or appliance leads to problems or dangerous situations. Common examples of plumbing emergencies range from a burst pipe to overflowing drains. These issues need urgent plumbing assistance and an Emergency Plumber should be contacted as soon as possible. Here at The Local Plumber, we offer 24 hour plumbing services to help Melbourne locals with any plumbing concern. 

A plumbing emergency involves situations with plumbing that can result in problems that can be costly and dangerous. The most common types of plumbing emergencies are:

  • Major blocked drains
  • Pipes bursting
  • Overflowing drains
  • Damaged hot water system
  • Water leaks
  • Gas leaks

What are the Common Plumbing Emergency Situations?

Below are the common plumbing emergencies and issues people often experience:


Major blocked drains

A Blocked Drain can be minor but when the blockage is large enough it can cause serious plumbing issues. If a drain is blocked too much then water cannot properly flow down the system. As a result water can drain slowly, become stuck in the pipes then can put too much pressure leading to it overflowing or breaking the pipe. The main items that block drains that can lead to major blockages are tree roots, cooking oil and grease, food scraps, sanitary items, hair and soap. Blocked drains, both minor or major, if not fixed continue to become larger leading to the drain potentially not being usable and other concerns developing.


Pipes bursting

A burst pipe is when there is too much pressure within a pipe or there has been physical damage that leads to water bursting from the pipe. Pipes bursting are never good because the water can quickly cause water damage to the property. The water that has burst out of the pipe can leak into the walls, floors and ceilings while dampening objects in the building. Water will be wasted adding to the repair cost as well. This is why if a pipe has burst it is important that an emergency plumber is contacted immediately to prevent major costs and damages. 


Overflowing drains

Drains can overflow leading to water standing, flooding and other complications. A drain might overflow commonly from damages in the pipes that prevent water from correctly flowing through them, such as blockages. Overflowing drains often occur within toilets and sinks where they are blocked or damaged and water cannot flow through. If they are left alone then the water can quickly flood the room which leads to water damage and sewage or dirty water entering the building. 


Damaged hot water system

A damaged hot water system means that hot or cold water cannot be available, water pressure imbalances and other problems arise. Rusted or broken parts of the system, leaks, faulty areas of the system, gas or electric problems and more are some ways the hot water system is not working. It is needed for an electrician to work on repairing the hot water unit as soon as possible to prevent major problems from developing and to ensure hot or cold water can be available again quickly. 

Here is a guide on 10 signs you should replace your hot water heater to make certain you have a properly working one operating for the home.


Water leaks

Water leaks can be either minor or major but they can cause pressure on the water system and also waste water and money. Ignoring both a minor or major water leak can lead to expensive repairs in the future. Leaks can occur from blockages, poor installation, old age and other factors. Some signs of water leaks include visible water leaking, water pooling in an area, parts of the home damp or having water strains and also mould growth. It is important to have a plumber fix the water leak fast by performing water leak inspections and repairs as soon as possible to prevent major damages and costs. 


Gas leaks

Gas leaks are a major safety concern so when one is suspected it is best to have a plumber inspect for one. A plumber trained in gas fitting will utilise special techniques to find the gas leak and then repair it. Gas leaks can be smelt due to having a foul smell and when one is found ensure a plumber is contacted as soon as possible. 

Professional 24 Hour Emergency Plumbers Melbourne

The Local Plumber is here with fully qualified emergency plumbers to help with any plumbing emergency issue. We are here at all hours of the day to help locals, ranging from South Melbourne, Inner Melbourne to North Melbourne, with any plumbing task. Our plumbers will perform the needed inspections and repairs to guarantee the plumbing emergency is resolved efficiently. For on time, experienced and reliable emergency plumbers – always trust The Local Plumber!

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