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4 Reasons Why My Toilet Keeps Running?


There are many reasons why the toilet keeps flushing and can be identified easily. It is most times due to an internal part of the toilet not in the right position, working incorrectly or being damaged. There are certain steps people can take to fix the running toilet issues but a plumber will be able to repair the problem efficiently. Here at The Local Plumber, our Emergency Plumber team will resolve any toilet running problems for any local living in Melbourne. 

The most common causes for why the toilet keeps running are:

  • Toilet Flapper is Cracked or Worn
  • Flapper Chain Issues
  • Tank Float Ball or Float Arm Problems
  • Refill Tube Needs Adjusting or is Malfunctioning

Why Does My Toilet Keep Running?

The four main reasons and common problems that explain why the toilet keeps running are:

The toilet flapper is what holds the water in the tank for the next flush by pushing against the drain hole. Most times the reason why the toilet keeps running is because of issues with the toilet flapper. When the toilet is flushed the part will rise and seal to empty the old water and add fresh water. 

The more the toilet is used and also through time the toilet flapper may crack due to hardening or simply wear away. When the toilet flapper stops working correctly then water will seep into the toilet tank and constantly run.

The flapper itself may be in good condition but the cause of the running toilet may be linked to the chain of the flapper. If the flapper chain is too short or too long then it will not be able to connect with the field valve. Too short of a chain can lead to it not covering the valve completely while too long of a chain means the flapper cannot raise high enough to drain all the water.

The float arm or float ball inside the toilet tank can be the reason why the toilet keeps running. The toilet arm controls the water level inside of the water tank while the float ball is connected to the float arm and rises when the tank is filled with water. When the float arm is positioned too low then the toilet may flush weaker. If the toilet arm is set too high then the water may flow into the overflow pipe, leading to the fill valve not shutting off and the water running. 

If the problem is with the float ball then it may be due to the ball having cracks, losing its buoyancy and the same problem with the water spilling into the overflow tube. This water will then leak into the toilet bowl and the toilet will run.

If the refill tube, which is located next to the fill valves, malfunctions then it can lead to water running in the toilet problems. The refill tube is also the overflow pipe and if not adjusted correctly it will constantly flow water into the toilet tank. If it is adjusted too long or not in the correct position then when inside the overflow tube it might not work properly and lead to water running in the toilet. 

If you have problems with the toilet not flushing then we encourage reading our blog for further details and guidance.

How to Repair a Running Toilet?

The steps to follow to try and repair a running toilet are:

Turn Off the Toilet’s Water Supply Line

The first step when needing to resolve running toilet water is to turn off the main water supply to the toilet to prevent water from making the job more difficult.

Replace the Float Ball or Lower the Float Arm

When the float arm is the issue of the running toilet then find a small screw attached to it that can be loosened or tightened. Adjust the height of the arm to the correct position then tighten the screw to keep it in place. If the problem is with the float ball then most times a new one needs to be purchased. Remove the old ball by sliding it off the level then slide on the new float ball. 

Replace the Toilet Flapper

Most flappers will come with a fill valve repair kit or one can be purchased to help with this repair. Unhook the loops that the flapper is connected to then replace the new flapper. Flush the toilet and adjust the flapper to ensure that the water stops completely and it will refill in the tank. 

Repair or Replace the Flapper Chain

To fix the flapper chain it will need to be adjusted so it can fit over the valve. Replacing the chain is also simple using pliers or wire cutters to make the chain smaller. When the chain has been installed or adjusted then lower the flapper and then flush the toilet to see if the flapper completely closes over the valve. 

Fix the Refill Tube

Resolving problems with the refill tube can be done in two ways. Clamping it off closer to the overflow opening or cutting it to shorten the length are two ways in resolving the issue.

Expert Toilet Repair Plumbers for Melbourne

The Local Plumber is here at all times of the day with professional toilet services and to help when the toilet keeps running. Each fully qualified plumber is an expert at finding why the toilet is running then will repair the problem using the best and safest techniques.

We offer our toilet and other emergency plumbing services to all of Melbourne, including South Melbourne and North Melbourne. We also offer trusted Blocked Drain experts for us to resolve any plumbing blockage, including toilet blockages.

For the most reliable toilet repairs in Melbourne – always contact The Local Plumber!

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