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10 Kitchen Renovation Plumbing Tips & Tricks


Kitchen renovation plumbing involves many areas, considerations and factors which can be tricky to deal with. As we regularly complete the plumbing for kitchen renovations, that is why here at The Local Plumber we have provided some useful tips and tricks regarding kitchen renovations and plumbing. Our Emergency Plumber team is also ready at any time to help with kitchen renovation and all other plumbing services for Melbourne.

Kitchen renovation plumbing tips and tricks include:

  • Install the kitchen sink in the correct spot and of the correct size
  • Prioritise sink functionality over aesthetics
  • Install the dishwasher next to the sink
  • Change to energy efficient kitchen appliances
  • Use the existing plumbing if possible
  • Consider the kitchen layout and what is optimal and functional
  • Decide whether a food disposal system is needed or not
  • Properly plan and measure everything before the kitchen renovation starts
  • Make sure there are enough water connection points
  • Have the ability to isolate the kitchen sink plumbing

What are Some Kitchen Renovation Plumbing Tips and Tricks?

Here are helpful kitchen renovation plumbing tips:

Kitchen Sink Size and Placement

It is important that the kitchen sink is in the correct part of the kitchen and will be the right size for your needs. The kitchen sink needs to be functional in where it is located and its size but also needs to fit the aesthetics of the kitchen. Double sinks are the best in terms of functionality and size but they also come in many different styles to fit in with different interiors. Knowing where the sink should be located is crucial as well and most times it should be close to other appliances or near any existing plumbing, ensure to also consider other add ons such as instant hot or cold water, which might influence the positioning. 

Kitchen Sink Tap

The functionality of the kitchen sink tap is the most important factor so avoid a tap that might look amazing but will be a pain to use. Larger and more expensive taps might not always be better than a cheaper and simpler looking one. Ensure to know how it will function and if the tap will operate well in the kitchen or if it will be difficult or annoying to use due to its size or design. If you need any guidance regarding tap installation, feel free to contact our team.

Dishwasher Placement

The dishwasher should be next to the sink as this is the most optimal and functional place. It makes it easy to install being close to the sink due to the water connections being close by. This removes the need to extend pipes or add new water connections lowering the cost of the installation as well. Most times dirty dishes are placed in or near the sink so if the dishwasher is next to the sink it reduces washing time and is overall convenient. 

Energy Efficient Appliances

Choosing energy efficient appliances will mean that they consume less energy which lowers the energy bill costs but also most times are built better. The higher the energy star rating of a kitchen appliance means the more energy efficient it is. Energy efficient appliances will be more expensive to initially purchase but in the long term the costs will be lower compared to using lower stared appliances. High energy efficient kitchen appliances and systems will also be built better meaning they often perform better and last longer. Our recommendations is to try and purchase appliances with a 5 star energy rating (this is usually labelled on the front of the package).

Use Existing Plumbing If Possible

For the kitchen renovation the plumbing that is already there should be used as much as possible. Removing the existing plumbing and adding new connections and alike will add to the labour and material costs. Unless there is a reason to move the plumbing, such as it is old or an appliance needs to be in another location, it is recommended to use the existing plumbing for the renovation. If new fixtures are required, then this may include pipe relining, excavations and gas fitting under the scope of works. 

Consider The Kitchen & Room Layout

Using the existing plumbing layout might be better for some but for others changing the layout of the kitchen might be the goal for the renovation. This means changing where appliances and systems are located to improve functionality, storage and increase space. It is also important to choose functionality over the aesthetics of the kitchen with the layout. This can mean minimising the distance between the main fixtures and the preparation areas, ensuring there is enough space to move, the optimal appliance positions, and the island bench should be a good distance from the main appliances.

Food Disposal System

Make sure to consider if the food wastage system is required and if it will be used frequently. Installing the food waste systems limits the types of sinks that can be installed and a food disposal system will need to be installed. Consider if the system would add value to the kitchen or if it will be an unnecessary cost. 

Plan and Measure

Planning the kitchen renovation plumbing is vital to making sure everything is in the right location, there are no unwanted added costs and the place looks nice. This also means that measuring everything a few times to make sure everything is in the correct spot is important. Avoiding installation problems is needed so proper planning and measuring will help. Your kitchen maker and designer will have an detailed plan, but be sure to keep a copy of this handy so you can distribute this to other trades.

Water Connections

Kitchens have many appliances and systems that need a water connection, including fridges, ice makers, sinks, water filters and dishwashers. Having enough water connections is important so these systems can properly function. 

Isolate the Kitchen Sink Plumbing

Make sure that the kitchen sink can be isolated in case of a plumbing emergency, such as a burst pipe, so the water can be turned off but the home can still have water. 

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